Survivors Tiles Length
A7House Cleaning4+40h45
E02Deep Purple440h45
A9Keepsake Junction4+41h00
C12Axes & Alleys4+91h00
03The 24hrs Race of Zombicity4+91h30
04Drive-by Shooting4+81h30
09Might Makes Right1-341h30
M01Death Row *6+41h30
M02The Siege *6+61h30
A3Wanda's Revenge4+61h30
A10Zombies & Cars4+61h30
A11Ma's Recipe4+61h30
C3Car Wash6+41h30
C10Moving On4+61h30
C65Between the Hammer and the Anvil4+61h30
M01With a Little Help *6+62h00
M04Ghosts on Birch Street *6+92h00
A4Doug's Dream4+62h00
C2Under Siege4+62h00
C4Save the Cheerleader4-542h00
C5Rescuing Samantha4+82h00
C14Do you want Fries with that ?4+42h00
C15Road Closed4+62h00
C18Dry Run2-462h00
C20The Secret Prison6+92h00
C22Tunnel Rats2-492h00
C51Raid the Police Station *4-892h00
M05Mall Raid *4+93h00
A20Back in Town *6+63h00
C24Want a Mini for XMas6+63h00
TLWThree Little Wishes (Campaign) *6+4-8x3
* Expansion required
88 45 25 27 17 29 13 185