Survivors Tiles Length
Q0Tutorial: Danse Macabre4+21h00
Q1Big Game Hunting6+41h00
Q2The Black Book6+41h00
Q3The Shepherds6+61h30
Q5The Commandry6+62h00
Q6In Caligine Abditus6+62h00
Q7Dead Trail6+62h30
Q8The Evil Temple6+62h00
Q9The Hellhole6+62h30
Q10Trial by Fire6+93h00
Q1Welcome to Wulfsburg *661h00
Q2Know your Enemy *661h30
Q3The Evil Twins *692h00
Q4The Ambush *661h30
Q5Immortal *66X
Q6Zombie Court *66X
Q7Blood Red *663h00
Q8The Ghost Door *692h30
Q9The Zombie Army *642h00
Q10A Coin for the Ferryman *693h00
QB1The Dragonfiends4+61h30
QB2The Dark Goose Game4+61h30
QB3The King's Crown *4+61h30
QB4Haunted Manor4+61h30
QB6Run, you Fools! *4+61h30
PIPlaces of Interest (Campaign)4+4-6x5
FGThe Fire God (Campaign) *64-6x5
* Expansion required
88 45 25 27 17 29 13 185