Survivors Tiles Length
M01The Big rubble6+42h30
M01Death Row6+41h30
M03Zombie Square4+91h00
M05Mall Raid4+93h00
M06Zombie Riot6+95h00
M08Out of Rags6+82h00
M09Ultrared District6+62h00
M10Running Mall6+92h00
A18Santa Hunting6+43h00
A20Back in Town6+63h00
C36Zombie Musical4+121h30
C37Defend the Mall - Save the Baby6+43h00
C41Beans, bullets and band-aids4+92h00
C46Subway Cleanout6+93h00
C47Coup de Grâce662h30
C49Shopping for a New Home6+93h00
C51Raid the Police Station4-892h00
C52Skeleton Key4+81h30
C54Raising Old Glory4+61h30
C55Mall District Holdout4+91h30
C56Smash and Grab4+91h30
C57Hold the Line !4+60h45
TLWThree Little Wishes (Campaign)6+4-8x3
88 45 25 27 17 29 13 185