Survivors Tiles Length
M00-1Tutorial #1: Learning to Fly6+41h00
M00-2Tutorial #2: Smells Like Team Spirit6+41h00
M01Gas Run6+61h00
M02No Way Out6+61h30
M03The Price of Progress6+91h30
M05The Makeshift Laboratory6+61h30
M06The Mortuary6+62h00
M07The Farm6+82h00
M08Seven Veils' Death6+62h30
M10A World in Flames6+81h30
M11Hunger of the Wolves (Competitive)X9X
M12Silent as the Grave (competitive)X9X
M11The Cleaners *1041h30
M12Place your Baits *6+41h30
M13The Parker Experience *6+62h00
M14Camp Nightmare *6+62h30
M15Ned's Key *6+93h00
A16A Sea of Tents6+61h30
A17A Stupid Bet6+41h00
A22Corpse Piles6+41h30
A27The Red Cap's Lair *4+40h45
C61Take the Hospital6+63h00
C62Turn off those lights!6+61h30
AArson (Campaign) *6+4-8x4
* Expansion required
88 45 25 27 17 29 13 185