Survivors Tiles Length
C57Hold the Line ! *4+60h45
A29A Game called Survival4+61h00
C34Storage War4+91h00
05Big W6+81h30
A8Inexorable (Relentless)6+61h30
C17The Last Stand6+61h30
C28King Rotbelly4+81h30
C29Let's see more C44+61h30
C30Zombies at the Door4+81h30
C36Zombie Musical *4+121h30
C53Crazy Eddie4+81h30
C55Mall District Holdout *4+91h30
C56Smash and Grab *4+91h30
10Small Town4+42h00
M04Heliport *6+92h00
M05Construction Permit *6+62h00
A14Remote Control6+92h00
A15Car Crash6+62h00
C1Apartment Assault6+92h00
C8Belly of the Beast4+92h00
C11Flooded with Zombies4+62h00
C16The Zomvazion4+62h00
C31Zombie Factory6+62h00
C41Beans, bullets and band-aids *4+92h00
01City Blocks4+92h30
06The Escape6+62h30
A5Phil's Birthday6+92h30
C21Let's walk the Block6+92h30
C23Day Zero6+82h30
08Zombie Police6+63h00
A21Hammam *6+63h00
C25A Star is Falling4+43h00
C26Military Base4+83h00
C27Breaking Down6+83h00
C33Medical Mumbo Jumbo4+83h00
C49Shopping for a New Home *6+93h00
C58Alarming Plan *4+93h00
A6Trick or T(h)reat6+93h10
M06Zombie Riot *6+95h00
SCSwitch City (Campaign)4+4-9x3
* Expansion required
88 45 25 27 17 29 13 185