Survivors Tiles Length
C36Zombie Musical *4+121h30
M04The Welder6+41h30
M05An Easy Mission6+42h30
M09Flash Flood *6+41h30
A18Santa Hunting *6+43h00
C50Hot Property6+42h00
TLWThree Little Wishes (Campaign) *6+4-8x3
M02Finding the Keys6+62h00
M06Rescue Mission6+62h30
M07The Haven6+62h00
M09Endless Cleaning (a possible end)6+62h00
M07Administration *6+62h00
M09Ultrared District *6+62h00
M06The Mechanics *6+62h00
A21Hammam *6+63h00
A28The Vault of Hell4+63h00
C32Run for it !4+61h30
C39Who let the Dogs out?4+62h00
C44Walk in the Dog Park4-862h00
C47Coup de Grâce *662h30
C54Raising Old Glory *4+61h30
C57Hold the Line ! *4+60h45
C59The Ka-Boom Solution4+63h00
C63The Tattoo6+61h30
C64Three Kings6+63h00
M00Tutorial: The Break-in6+81h30
M10Prison is Hell (an alternative ending)6+82h00
M08Out of Rags *6+82h00
M08Raid on the Nest *6+82h00
M10Easy Yates Asylum *6+82h30
C38Team Tesla6+82h00
C40Brotherly Love6+83h00
C43The Great Escape4-882h00
C45Escape from La Santé6+83h00
C52Skeleton Key *4+81h30
M01The Blueprints6+92h30
M03Concrete Saw6+92h00
M10Running Mall *6+92h00
M07The Lighthouse *6+91h30
C42Spring Cleaning6+92h00
C46Subway Cleanout *6+93h00
C51Raid the Police Station *4-892h00
C58Alarming Plan *4+93h00
* Expansion required
88 45 25 27 17 29 13 185